Get a Handle on Summer Lawn Stress

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10/12/12 12:55 PM

Get a Handle on Summer Lawn Stress

Turf care in Vancouver can be a tricky balancing act. There are numerous stressors on your lawn everyday that if left unmanaged can destroy parts or all of your lawn. At Nutri-Lawn, we are experts in Vancouver turf care and provide all the services you'll need to ensure your lawn can cope with the Vancouver climate. Consider the following information for improving your lawn care routine and give us a call for a free assessment of how our Vancouver turf care services can get your lawn looking strong and luscious all season long.

Help your lawn cope with the heat

Turf care in Vancouver requires you to keep a close eye on the heat. We're subject to significant variations in temperature during the growing season varying by as much as 5°C to 10°C between inland areas and coastal regions. Also, our precipitation can be very difficult to predict, making knowing when to water your lawn exceptionally difficult. When the temperature climbs and the rain doesn't fall, your lawn responds to these drought-like conditions by going semi-dormant to survive. While semi-dormant the grass's root system will use up energy and water stored in its root system, eventually weakening the roots to the point of erosion. A best practice for Vancouver turf care is to properly fertilize your lawn early in the growing season, maintain a watering schedule of 1 inch of water every 5 to 7 days and mow your lawn at a length of 2.5 to 3 inches every 5 to 7 days. Following this schedule will build a hardy root system that will be more resilient to stressors of summer.

Reduce the amount of traffic on your lawn

It turns out that the old man that used to tell you to get off his lawn when you were kids knew what he was talking about when it comes to Vancouver turf care. People, pets and even low mower tires put stress on your lawn. To reduce the damage caused by wear and tear on your lawn come up with ways to reduce everyday traffic. Sometimes all it takes is a couple stakes and some string as a reminder to tread carefully until your lawns root system is strong enough to handle traffic.

Take it easy on the mowing

Setting a day of the week as the day that you mow the lawn and blindly following that schedule could put undue stress on your lawn during the hotter, dryer times. Mowing your lawn puts stress on your lawns root system through wear and tear and also increases the amount of moisture it loses through the freshly cut blade tips. It's far more prudent to assess when your lawn needs to be cut by the length of the grass. When you're lawn exceeds 3 to 4 inches than it's safe to cut. Make sure you are using recently sharpened mower blades to get a clean cut.

Use a water sensing irrigation system

Turf care in Vancouver needs approximately an inch of water per week, which can come from a combination of irrigation, precipitation and underground sources. Precipitation can be erratic at times, making turf care in Vancouver particularly difficult. Both over watering and under watering can be a source of stress for your lawn so getting it right is very important. Using a professionally installed irrigation system from Nutri-Lawn ensures that your lawn is receiving the hydration it needs, when it needs it.

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