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10/5/12 12:53 PM

What is growing on your lawn? If you answered with, “grass – duh!” – wrong answer. We're looking at the specific species of grass that are a part of your Vancouver turf care. As such, people frequently don't know the answer to this question. This causes them to apply generic lawn care to their grass, which is akin to playing Russian Roulette with your landscape. You never know if the methods you employ will result in a beautiful lawn or a horrific one.

There are so many varieties of lawn seeds that it often makes even our heads spin here at Nutri-Lawn Vancouver. The key is to know which type will flourish in your lawn. Our Vancouver turf maintenance service will help take the guess-work out of the equation.

How Plant Hardiness Affects Your Vancouver Turf Care

Your Vancouver turf maintenance service experts begin every lawn care project with a look at two different maps – the Canadian Climate Zone map and the Canadian Plant Hardiness map. Vancouver has a nice Oceanic climate, which is characterized by even rainfall and a narrow annual range of temperatures. Vancouver is located in Zone 7, which is good news for your grass; the higher the zone number, the less hardy the plants need to be in order to survive. Therefore, when it comes to selecting species for your Vancouver grass seed, you won't need to worry too much about whether or not they can survive harsh winter conditions.

Other Factors to Consider When it Comes to Seed Selection

Aside from climate zones, the survival of plants depends on a variety of other factors in your Vancouver turf care. The Vancouver turf maintenance service experts also consider the following issues when it comes to ensuring a healthy lawn:

  • Freeze/Thaw Cycle: while Vancouver may not be prone to the swings in season that other areas of the country are, sometimes the temperatures tend to slip a little. And the fluctuation on your grass is absolute torture for it and will cause more damage than consistent cold temperatures or consistent mild temperatures. Liken it to the effect of yo-yo dieting on your body. After constantly bouncing up and down weight, your body doesn't look good and even your health has suffered. Fluctuating temperatures will do the same.
  • Snow cover: if the weather is going to go to below freezing, a little bit of snow is good for your lawn. It creates a blanket of insulation and protects your lawn.

The Best Grass for Your Lawn

After analyzing the above information, your Vancouver turf care will require grass that can withstand precipitation and is okay with shade from those cloudy days or those tall trees. For these areas, your Vancouver turf maintenance service recommends fine fescues, like red fescue (Festuca rubra), along with certain bluegrasses and ryegrasses.

Bentgrasses also grow well in the Vancouver area, but the require plenty of sun and regular maintenance. If your home is located closer to the coast, try “dwarf” tall fescues. They will need to be allowed to grow a little higher, but they offer a luscious deep green colour and tolerate salt from the ocean better than most species.

Don't write off native grasses either, since they have adapted to local conditions and won't require nearly as much maintenance. Ask your lawn care expert about native grasses in our slit-seeding lawn renovation.

One grass to avoid in the Pacific Northwest is Kentucky bluegrass. It's popular in other areas, but Vancouver is too wet a climate for this prairie grass.

Like anything in life, a beautiful lawn can be a bit tricky. That's why it's better to ask the experts at Nutri-Lawn when it comes to re-seeding your lawn. To request a free, no obligation quote, contact Nutri-Lawn today!

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