Dominican re:nourish mission 2011 - Day 4

Posted by nutrilawn

1/15/11 9:48 PM

Day 4

Today’s task was to lay the sod outside the long term volunteer house, fortunately as it was Saturday and no school for the children we had plenty of eager help.

The sod has improved since the first year when we installed the soccer field however most of it still comes in pieces rather than rolls. It was also very hot today!

Jordan and Peter had a very long day getting supplies for the fence installation, planting of 30 fruit trees and the BBQ tomorrow. The other day I mentioned we pre-ordered 800 hotdog buns. As is so often the case here things don’t always work out as planned. When Peter and Jordan went to collect the order the store knew nothing of our order so they cleared the shelves of all the buns they had…about 500 and tomorrow we’ll need to scout out another place to buy the remaining 300 as the store where they purchased from today doesn’t get another delivery until Tuesday.

Here’s the video from our work today:


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