Dominican re:nourish mission 2011 - Day 1

Posted by nutrilawn

1/12/11 9:43 PM

Day 1 on site

We arrived at the NPH orphanage this morning excited to get started on today's projects.

Our efforts this year will be split between time working onsite at the orphanage and a number of outreach programs.

After being met by our volunteer liaison those that were on their maiden voyage were given a tour of the facilities. For those of us returning it is always amazing to see the new updates and expansion other volunteer groups have done since our last visit.

New this year is a playground area for the children, the area has been cleared and stamped concrete paths laid. Unfortunately the container with the donated equipment has been stuck in port for two month...such is life is the DR.

We split into two groups, half on top dressing duties on the soccer field. The field is in great shape. The power didn't come on today so we were unable to test the irrigation.

The other half began clearing the area out the front of the long term volunteer accommodation. Fortunately when we were gathering the rakes and shovels from storage we noticed a fairly new rototiller....luck was on our side, now if we could only find some gas!

Here is a video showing the work on the volunteer house.

Here's Jesse's wrap up from the soccer field.

Thanks to everyone for supporting our efforts. If you would to donate please follow this link:

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