Day 2 2010 - Anniversary Day at The Orphanage

Posted by nutrilawn

1/7/10 8:53 PM

Today the orphanage celebrated its 7th anniversary. For the children the morning started with mass in the newly constructed church. After that there were activities (singing and dancing) followed by lunch in the also newly constructed ‘Polly’s Park’ in the middle of the orphanage. Polly’s Park is dedicated to the wife of Frank Kraftt who first started the fundraising efforts for the orphanage.

For our team the morning started with beginning to level the ‘top soil’ in preparation for laying the sod on Friday while Rob and Jody worked on irrigating the yucca field next to the clinic.

Jesse from Ottawa and Greg from Vancouver gives us the update on the soccer field.

Rob’s update on the irrigation work taking place next to the medical clinic.

Lastly Kieren Rigney, Orphanage Director tells us about the activities for the day.

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