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Nutri-Lawn Blog

Learn about all things lawn care. From weed control to insect control and everything in between.

Fall Lawn Mower Maintenance

2 Min
It is important to continue to cut your lawn every 5-7 days at 2.5-3" during the fall growing season. Your grass will continue to grow into early November.
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Quick Tips To Avoid Mower Damage

1 Min

Our technicians are currently seeing a lot of mower damage on lawns, particularly because of the extreme heat and dry period that we have had recently. If you are unsure of damage that you may be seeing, send us a picture at ottawa@nutrilawn.com and we will be happy to take a look.

Quick Tips to Avoid Mower Damage:

1. Sharpen your mower blade once a year. Shredded blades will risk disease, insect, and dehydration harm. And, it just looks shredded & ugly.

2. Never cut below 2.5 – 3 inches in height.

3. Mow in the morning or early evening. Avoid mowing in the heat.

4. Water the lawn deeply, 1“ every 5 – 7 days. Increase watering in periods of extreme heat.

If you are tired of dragging hoses around, visit https://sprinklersystemsottawa.ca/ and ask us about our inground sprinkler systems. Save Time. Save Money. Save Water. 

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