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Paula Truscott, Nutri-Lawn

Paula Truscott, Nutri-Lawn

Paula is a Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator at Nutri-Lawn
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8 Landscape Staging Tips To Add Curb Appeal

6 Min

If you watch any of those house flipping shows, you know how important home staging is. And if you know anything about real estate, you'd also know what a big deal curb appeal is.

Return on investment for landscaping your property can add as much as 14% to your resale value and speed up its sale. So it makes sense to invest a little in landscape staging, especially considering how important first impressions are.

A potential buyer will see your house online and form one impression, so it's important to maintain or improve that impression when they drive by. If they don't like what they see when they drive past, you'll find it a lot harder to sell them on the inside, let alone get them in the door.

Here are 8 essential landscape and lawn staging tips to add value to your home, add curb appeal, and give you more success when selling.

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Topics: A Guide to Lawn Care, The Grass Expert

10 Lawn Care Tips to Add Curb Appeal

6 Min

When you're trying to sell a house, it's pretty important that you put yourself in the buyers' shoes and think about the details they're likely to scrutinize. 

Any good realtor will reinforce the fact over and over again; curb appeal is a huge factor in selling any property. There's a number of lawn care tips you can use to make your property all the more attractive when viewed from the street, which will add value to the home and help you sell faster.

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Topics: The Grass Expert, A Guide to Lawn Care