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Boyd Loveless, Nutri-Lawn St. Johns

Ryan receives his Horticulture Certificate

A big congratulations goes out to Ryan Loveless, our Lawn Care Supervisor. He's put in months of hard work and has just received his Horticulture Certificate from The University of Guelph.

Nutri-Lawn supports Mount Pearl Senior High School Volleyball

Nutri-Lawn supports Mount Pearl Senior High School Volleyball!

Grocery Giveaway - St. Johns Nutri-Lawn

Nutri-Lawn of St. Johns NFLD recently ran a 'Grocery Give-a-way' campaign. They had an online...

Vertical Slit Seed Results

Before pictures:

Nutri-Lawn Newfoundland Launches Annual “Re-Nourish” Food Drive


The Salvation Army Partners with Nutri-Lawn to “Restock The Shelves”

(October 28th) ...