Embracing Vancouver’s Native Plants

Water conservation is increasingly a popular practice among homeowners and their Vancouver lawn maintenance. Water conservation comes in many different forms and varieties, but one important way to conserve resources is by planting native Vancouver plants. If you're not entirely set on native plants, read on to find out how you can reap the rewards of growing naturally-occurring local plants with … [Read more...]

Lawn Diseases to Watch for in Vancouver

Spring is the most promising season of the year in many ways. It represents the fading of winter, and the arrival of the warmer months. Spring carries potential. Unfortunately, not all of this potential is positive. When it comes to your Vancouver lawn maintenance, this potential can be seen in the possibility of lawn diseases and predatory insects attacking your lawn's roots. While diseases and … [Read more...]

Lawn Care Tips for First-time Homeowners in Vancouver

Congratulations on the purchase of your first home! Now comes the fun part: maintaining it! From interior updates to lavish landscapes, there’s plenty to do. But don’t be overwhelmed by the responsibility; while some of these tasks can be stressful, a great many of them can actually be therapeutic. Like your Vancouver lawn maintenance, for instance. Many homeowners find the act of caring for … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget to Dethatch this Autumn

Don’t Forget to Dethatch this Autumn Dethatching is an intensive Vancouver lawn maintenance practice that’s designed to improve the overall health of your property. With that being said, you should only tackle this treatment when your grass is at its period of strongest growth. In Vancouver, that time is now. Since most Vancouver lawns feature cool-season turf, early fall is the perfect time … [Read more...]

Designing A Drought-Resistant Lawn

The dog days of summer may have left your lawn looking like it’d gone to the dogs, but don't despair. Fall is the perfect time to perk up your property with expert lawn maintenance services. Unusually hot or dry summers can wreak havoc on even the best lawns. If you want to arm yourself with knowledge and adjust your Vancouver lawn maintenance accordingly, then now is the perfect time to … [Read more...]