Pristine Kentucky Bluegrass Lawn in of all places – Pisa, ITALY

Earlier last month I travelled over to Europe in Italy and came across some of the nicest Kentucky Bluegrass I have seen in a long time.  I was in the city Pisa at the historic site of the Worlds most famous tower “The Leaning Tower of Pisa”.  The grounds surrounding the tower and famous cathedral next to the tower were meticulously manicured and the turf was in pristine condition…so much so that I did a live on location video for all the people back home to see.  The turf was beautiful lush … [Read more...]

Oregon – The Birth Place of Grass Seed Production

Have you ever wondered where grass seed comes from or where it is grown?  To help answer that question I had to travel to the Pacific Northwest State of Oregon to see where it all takes place.  Situated in the Willamette Valley, Linn County known as “the Grass Seed Capital of the World” is home to over 1500 grass seed farms, covering over 500 000 acres of land, and yielding over 700 million pounds of grass seed annually!   Amazingly, all but 2% of the grass seed produced here is shipped out of … [Read more...]

Kentucky Bluegrass a distant second to the Ancient Wonder of the World!

As I highlighted earlier, while I was travelling in Italy this month well maintained turf was very hard to find.  When I came across some I couldn’t help but do a live on location video when I had the opportunity.   Lone behold at one of the most famous historic sites of Ancient Rome just beside one of the 7 Wonders of The World I found what I was looking for.   A small section of perfectly manicured Kentucky Bluegrass just outside the walls of the magnificent Colosseum.   This tiny section of … [Read more...]

Kentucky Bluegrass – 9/11 Memorial Park in New York

I was just recently in the New York over the Memorial Day Weekend and I made a trip down to the 9/11 Memorial Site Park.  This same area was once referred to as Ground Zero, after the terrorist attacks collapsed the Twin Towers.  This same area is  now home to an amazing 9/11 Memorial Site Park.  The base outlines where the South and North towers once stood are now gigantic waterfall pools surrounded by the names of the victims from the terrorist attacks.  Thousands of people visit this memorial … [Read more...]

Weed of the Week – Wild Violet

This weeks weed of the week is Wild Violet.  Wild Violet is commonly found in lawns across North America and is considered a difficult to control weed, meaning multiple applications of both natural or synthetic weed control are required to effectively control it.  In many cases Wild Violet finds its way into a lawn creeping in from rock bed gardens or ground cover areas.  It is low lying and the easiest way to identify wild violet is by the heart shaped leaves and purple or white pansie like … [Read more...]