Day 2

Day 2 The challenges of getting this blog posted continues....just as I was in the middle of posting after finally finding an internet cafe where I could hook up my laptop, which I then couldn’t actually do so I just had to use their computer the power has now gone out! Thankfully I can still laugh despite the challenges. They do have internet at the orphanage however connecting to it is another story. They are very limited in their bandwidth allowance and at the end of the month it tends to be … [Read more...]

Sunday Jan 25

Hi All We are having some challenges with our net connection. I hope to have this resolved tomorrow. Day one went well though. We had some challenges leveling the field but the irrigation in the garden area is almost complete. We are planning to hook the pump up tomorrow to test it out. Our efforts and time here is being very well received and they enjoy helping us with our work. As soon as I get the internet situation resolved I will post plenty of photos & videos. … [Read more...]

Pre-Construction Started today


  This morning came early after a good night sleep in a bunk room that I shared in the clinic but the cold shower took care of the cloudy morning mind. The grader operator was up and running by 7:00 a.m. and now it is noon, he has the makings of a field in front of me. I staked off an area 210 feet long x 120 feet wide this morning when he started and he has been doing a great job so far. In the background, you will see the makings of our pump house. I pre-ordered a well to be … [Read more...]

Thanks to Transcontinental

Transcontinental Tigres

We also wants to give a special mention to the gang at Transcontinental for their generous donation of 160 t-shirts for the children at the orphanage. Thanks to Terry Lapp & everyone at Transcontinental Go Tigers/Tigres Go! … [Read more...]

Special Thanks

What good is a soccer field without the right equipment? Well that question as answered by Ramona Gellel and the children of the Durham School Board where she teaches Physical Education and Health who donated a load of soccer shoes. Bobby Lennox and the West Rouge Soccer Club donates a mountain of uniforms and the nets for the goals we will be constructing. You can read more about Ramona's amazing accomplishments and believe me there are … [Read more...]