Dominican re:nourish mission 2011 – Day 5

Today saw the completion of the batey Vasca community garden, including the installation of the living fence with 40 mandira (sp?) plants as well as our BBQ extravaganza. As it was a long tiring day I am going to update with the videos we shot and will write more again tomorrow. Here is Ryan's update purchasing the food for the BBQ: Here is Peter's update on the batey Vasca community garden: Here is Jordan explaining where we got our BBQ from: … [Read more...]

Dominican re:nourish mission 2011 – Day 4

Day 4 Today’s task was to lay the sod outside the long term volunteer house, fortunately as it was Saturday and no school for the children we had plenty of eager help. The sod has improved since the first year when we installed the soccer field however most of it still comes in pieces rather than rolls. It was also very hot today! Jordan and Peter had a very long day getting supplies for the fence installation, planting of 30 fruit trees and the BBQ tomorrow. The other day I mentioned … [Read more...]

Dominican re:nourish mission 2011 – Day 3

Today started out with a trip to San Pedro to get supplies for our various projects and a quick visit to Jumbo (think DR Walmart) to pre-order the 800 hot dog buns in preparation for this year's BBQ extravaganza. Last year we cooked 400 hotdogs for children at batey Don Juan, this year we are going to try to feed everyone at batey Vasca where we are doing the community garden.   The owner of the nursery where we ordered the trees yesterday was showing Peter & Terry how to peel the … [Read more...]

Dominican re:nourish mission 2011 – Day 2

Today's focus primarily revolved around repairing and preparing the lot where we planted the 100 fruit trees last year. For those following last year, we planted 100 fruit trees at the Don Juan community outreach center to be distributed amongst the local bateys. Unfortunately with these sorts of projects there are challenges that arise; teaching the locals to properly care for the trees, animals and theft are all common problems faced. When we arrived we were informed a number of trees … [Read more...]

Dominican re:nourish mission 2011 – Departure Day

Departure Day Welcome everyone to the first of this year's posts for the 2011 renourish mission trip. Firstly, I would like to introduce the members of our group this year. A core team from Nutri-Lawn along with Terry Ormrod from Toro have made the trip down for the third consecutive year. Joining us this year are a couple of Terry's colleagues, Paulo Munegatto owner of Pronto Enterprise & David Pfortmueller owner of University Sprinklers in Vancouver. Also joining us for the first … [Read more...]