Nutri-Lawn Abbotfords challenges other local businesses

Through their re:nourish food drive efforts Nutri-Lawn Abbotsford has so far collected over 1100 lbs of non perishable food items for their local food bank. As well as this Rick McDonald the Nutri-Lawn franchise owner has received commitments from other local business owners to match what Nutri-Lawn collects. Great job Rick and team!!

Nutri-Lawn Newfoundland Launches Annual “Re-Nourish” Food Drive

Nutri-Lawn Newfoundland Launches Annual “Re-Nourish” Food Drive

Nutri-Lawn Newfoundland Launches Annual “Re-Nourish” Food Drive

Posted on 02 November 2010

The Salvation Army Partners with Nutri-Lawn to “Restock The Shelves”

(October 28th) Nutri-Lawn Newfoundland held its Annual “Re-Nourish” Food Drive in the city of St. John’s, “Restocking The Shelves” for The Salvation Army’s Community and Family Services Food Bank.

Major Donette Percy stated, “We wish to thank the employees of Nutri-Lawn for their tireless efforts to ensure that the shelves at The Salvation Army’s Community & Family Services Food Bank remain full. These donations of food go a long way in enabling The Salvation Army to continue the Community assistance that is so desperately needed in these days.”

“In today`s world of big homes, the newest technology or the latest trend we tend to forget that their are people both locally and internationally who need an helping hand in times of trouble.  We at Nutri-Lawn wanted to give back to the community we live in and provide our customers with an opportunity to get involved by giving back to a local food bank.  As a result, of our support from our customers and employees we have now made this an annual event making it an highlight for all involved.  We`re not helping people that need a warm meal, but we`re also building an attitude of giving to all involved.”  Boyd R. Loveless, Owner/GM Nutri-Lawn

Over a period of 20 hours, 11 Nutri-Lawn employees collected just over 2,000 pounds of food for The Salvation Army’s Community & Family Services Food Bank.


2010 re:nourish Food Drive Is On!

Once again Nutri-Lawn franchisees and staff members from across the country are participating in our annual food drive program. Collections of non-perishable food items go to help local food banks in the lead up to their busy Christmas demand.

If you would like to donate items please contact your local Nutri-Lawn office at 1-888-NutriLawn to arrange collection or locate a drop-off location.

The Nutri-Lawn / re:nourish food drive program began in Kitchener, Ontario on 2007. In 2008 it was rolled out as a national program with 8 locations participating and over 10,000lbs collected. In 2009, 12 locations took part collecting 15,809lbs. With the competition building amongst our locations this year our goal is to hit 20,000lbs or 9 tonnes of food.

Here are some pictures from our Kelowna location who were a close second last year and look to be up to challenge the top spot in 2010.

FOTOCAN Newsletter Summer 2010

Friends Of The Orphans Canada Summer 2010 Newsletter:

Dear Friends,

The months have flown by since our last newsletter, and since the enormous destruction in Haiti.

At our Annual Meeting this year, we heard reports not only from volunteers who had been in Haiti, but also progress on new projects in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Peru. Now we are preparing and fundraising for building trips coming up in the fall and spring of 2011.

Underlying these activities is the on-going quest for godparents and sponsorship donations on a regular basis to meet the day-to-day living needs of the children in all NPH homes. If you are not a godparent, please give some thought to helping in this way – your monthly or annual donation to one of the homes, and the letters you exchange with a child growing up healthy, happy, and educated, will be a lifelong precious gift.

To all, thank-you for giving, and enjoy the summer months ahead.

Anna M Lammerding


Please take a moment to read the updates from the FOTOCAN efforts in Guatemala, Peru & the Dominican Republic plus how you can build a home for under $500!

FOTOCAN Summer 2010 Newsletter

Silver Lakes Golf & Country Club hosts tournament in support of Dave Russell’s Ride to Conquer Cancer

On June 5th Nutri-Lawn sponsored a Golf Tournament for Dave’s friend’s and supporters at Silver Lakes Golf and Country Club on June 5th. A great time was had by all…

- – and we were surprised to see that some of Dave’s hockey buddies have better skills on the links than on the ice.

Dave has been ramping up his training the 200 km ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls.

Nutri-Lawn supports Dave Russell as he takes part in the Ride to Conquer Cancer

Nutri-Lawn is very proud to be sponsoring Dave Russell’s efforts in the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

The Ride to Conquer Cancer® is a unique, two-day cycling event to take place on June 12-13, 2010, journeying over 200k from Toronto to Niagara Falls. The Ride is a brand new endeavour to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime. The money raised for The Ride to Conquer Cancer will benefit The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret, one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world. The Princess Margaret has assembled a team of top doctors and scientists whose search for new discoveries and improved patient outcomes will have a real impact in our community, across Canada, and around the world.

Today we received this note from Dave:

Well, first of all I would like to thank Ted and all of the folks at Nutrilawn for their kind and generous support in this endeavor.   Cancer is far too prevalent in our society.  I have seen people from all ages and walks of life taken down by this horrendous disease.  I preach to the kids in my class that they should not sit idly by, if they want to see a change than they need to make that change happen.  Well, this is my chance to try and make a difference.  With the help and generosity of people like Ted Dzialowski at Nutrilawn, maybe we can make a difference in the lives of some people, maybe we can make the world a little better place.

I have been training several times a week, and have logged several hundred kilometers on the road and a couple of hundred on the trails so far this season.  The prospect of putting in two hundred kilometers in two days is daunting; however, it is not even a drop in the bucket of what others have to go through.  My temporary pain is meant to be a testament to the strength and courage of those who have been and will be afflicted by this disease.  Well, wish me luck, I hope that I make it, but more importantly, I hope to make a difference. 

Dave Russell

For anyone wishing to read why Dave is participating in this very worthwhile event and to donate to the cause please click here.

From all of us at Nutri-Lawn we do indeed wish you luck and hope that your dedication and hard work and those of your fellow riders that take part can make a difference.

Friends of The Orphans Canada – 2011 Volunteer trips

Like to try something different . . .

always wanted to volunteer and make a difference . . .

Consider a “Working Holiday”, a change of pace . . . consider a volunteer trip to the orphanage in the Dominican Republic. We have been going to the Dominican Republic since 2006.

There are many things to do such as landscaping, gardening, painting, carpentry work, construction work, helping the English teacher at the school with her class, helping in the Library, art with the children, helping at the baby house and special needs house, working with the adult care givers, outreach projects to some of the surrounding villages, sorting donations to go to Haiti and many other things. If you have a special talent or a project you would like to do with the children or the adult care givers, we can help make it happen. We have had quite a cross-section of ages from 11 (with an adult guardian) to over 73. There is no job too small or too large to do. Friends of the Orphans Canada is the Canadian charitable organization that supports the NPH (Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos – “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”) Orphanages in 9 Spanish speaking Central American Countries.

Cost to make the Dominican Republic trip is $2,500. (a tax receipt is available for the full amount). You can pay the funds yourself or do a variety of fundraisers, solicit friends, relatives, church family, etc.

The dates for the 2011 trips are . . . .

Jan. 24 to Feb. 7, 2011 – Nicaragua – this will be a construction only trip – there are no children on site – you will be living in tents. Cost is $2,500.

Monday, Feb. 14 to Monday, Feb. 28 – Dominican Republic**

Monday, Feb. 28 to Monday, March 14 – Dominican Republic**

Monday, March 14 to Monday, March 28 – Dominican Republic**

**Note – within the above DR trips, there will be a one week trip to work at the Orphanage in Haiti. This is available on a first come basis for only 8 people. Additional cost is an additional $200. We must have 8 people to make this part happen.

Contact Ken Speers, 519-343-5161 -

Or Mark Robinson, 519-343-5149 -

Trips to work at the Orphanage in Peru are available in March and April and the Fall of 2011 – please contact Peru Trip Co-ordinator Jackie Zister at

Thanks so much!

Our Nutri-Lawn re:nourish team is again in the process of planning our 2011 trip so if you would like to join our group…you’ve seen what we can do in one week, please contact me, Kalon Fairclough

re:nourish 2010- Highlights

As we did last year, at the end of the trip we collected all the pictures that each team member has taken over the journey and select a handful of moments that we feel represent the experience.These are the memory that will last a lifetime and despite the challenges, will always remind us that what we are doing is a small part of what as a global community we can achieve.

Please enjoy….

Irrigating the Don Juan Outreach Centre Field

For those interested in learning how we manage the water supply to irrigate the various areas on the orpahange as well as at the outreach centre this year I asked Terry Ormrod, Canadian residential/commercial Sales Manager for Toro who has travelled with us both times to explain the process.

Since the idea of travelling to the Dominican to put our skills to use was hatched Terry has been a dedicated and passionate team member. He has arranged for hundreds of meters of irrigation piping (and fittings) for the project, this year Toro Ag department donated over a 1/4 mile of drip irrigation.

From Terry:

The irrigation mainline for the drip zones comes directly off of the pressurized line from the pump. This line goes from the pump (pump house) to the water holding tank on the roof of the building and the water level in the tank is controlled by a mechanical float switch. Kind of like a fancy toilet bowl float. Once the float goes down it opens a valve and allows the water to flow thus depleting the pressure tank in the pump-house and the pressure switch activates the pump. In the case of the irrigation system, Steve intercepted this line and once a zone valve is opened it once again depletes the pressure tank and the pump comes on. As long as the power is on the system will run 100%. When the power is off the entire irrigation system is out of service.

Day 5 2010 – BBQ Day

With the dawn of Day 5 you could feel the excitement in the air of what lay ahead for us this day. The plan for the morning was to pick up all the supplies required for our BBQ extravaganza at the village near the Don Juan outreach community centre. This included approximately 500 hotdogs,500 buns, 45 bottles of 2.5ltr Coke, 5 2Ltr ketchups bottles, 3 mayo bottles, 3 mustard bottles and 12 half litre cheese squeeze bottles (apparently cheese and mayo is very popular on hot dog in the DR). We also bought two large garbage bins to use as coolers for the drinks and some of the food, 450-500 individually wrapped suckers and individually wrapped cookies, 3-4 bags of charcoal and enough napkins and utensils for everyone.

We were able to buy all the at the Wal-Mart equivalent ‘Jumbo’ in San Pedro. Here is Mark’s video post as well as all of us leaving Jumbo and loading our truck with all the food/equipment.

Before the BBQ the team split in two with half going to the Don Juan outreach community centre to plant the 100 fruit trees our team purchased as well as lay over three quarter of a mile of drip irrigation kindly donated by the Toro Ag division. The idea of planting these trees here is that it will allow for centralised management of the process and once the plants become fruit bearing the fruit will be shares amongst 18 bateys with any remaining product being sold to help provide income for the villages to purchase other items they need.

Shawn & Jesse provide an update on the completed project.

The other half of the team returned to the orphanage to finish the rest of the sod laying with the help of some of the local Dominican workers and of course a dozen or so of the orphans, as it was Saturday and they weren’t in school. By mid afternoon all the sod that had been delivered was laid and we headed back to the outreach centre to prepare for the BBQ.

Before heading off to the village we had one more event to celebrate. Happy Birthday Rob! We all shared a delicious cake while some of us lay on the cool tiles to recover from the hottest day we had so far.



We arrived at the local village with all of the items we purchased earlier plus to big 44 gallon drum BBQs…you could feel the excitement in the air. As you as ‘big blue’ (our truck used to transport us and all of our equipment around for the week) arrived the work spread fast. We co-ordinated with the village teacher who spoke English thankfully, and the ‘mayor’ who also helped with some strategic planning. We set up station in one of the ‘school’ buildings. They had erected some shade for us (a tarp tied between two building that was low enough that when Rob, Ryan and Jordan were getting the BBQs started we thought the tarp might go up as well.


Each member of our team had their particular station, and got ready to the 4pm kick off.

A line up started form along the road where we were getting things started and soon the first children allowed in were ushered into the other school house to wait. Prior to our arrival we had arranged for tickets to be handed out to try and ensure each child got one hotdog and there weren’t any double ups.

Once Rob, Ryan & Jordan had cooked up the first batch of hotdogs we started bringing the kids through. Terry handed out the dogs, Jody on ketchup, Shawn on squeeze cheese and mustard, Greg on mayo, Steve & Mark on popcorn/lollypop/cookie duty and Jesse/Rob handing out Coke. There were many special moments but one that sticks in my mind was the children that were able to say thank you in English. We knew they were all very grateful, as were we for the opportunity to be able to participate in this event but to hear those two little words was very special. Also special were the signs welcoming and thanking us and these were posted on the side of the school building.

Thank you signs

If any of the other team members would like to post their comments or special moments from this event please share them in the comments section below.


As the afternoon went on the excitement continued and while we thought it was quite chaotic we were advised that actually this was one of the most organised events they have had.

The video will speak to their version of organised vs ours…..

A photo slide show of the event and the many happy, smiling faces: