FIESTA™– Safe and Effective Natural Weed Control!

Are you tired of struggling to keep your yard weed-free? FIESTA™ is a new lawn bio-herbicide that’s derived from iron – the 4th most common element in soil. This fast acting liquid weed control is odourless and rain-fast in 3 hours. It is child and pet friendly when dry and it works on most weeds without damaging turfgrass. Nutri-Lawn is the first lawn care company in Ottawa to incorporate … [Read more...]

Green Up & Thicken your lawn by Overseeding!

One of the most common issues that concern our customers in the spring is once the snow melts; the lawn appears to be brown and thin. The Ottawa area’s harsh winter weather often wreaks havoc on our lawns. Older grass plants die off, rodents such as voles make paths on the lawn under the snow and foot and pet traffic over the snow damages the turf below. Overseeding is a great way to recover … [Read more...]

Mowing and Watering Tips

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn isn't as difficult as one might think. All you need is an energy-efficient inground irrigation system and a trusty lawnmower. Proper watering and mowing practices can go a long way to transforming the look and feel of your lawn. These are just a few tips from the knowledgeable technicians here at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa. … [Read more...]

Grub Control

Has your lawn become a popular hangout for local wildlife? You may have a grub control issue Grubs are a common problem for Ottawa residents, but don’t fret – Nutri-Lawn Ottawa has a variety of safe, natural solutions! From microorganisms to core aeration, grubs don’t stand a chance against our lawn care professionals. What are Grubs? The grubs that most commonly infest lawns are the larvae of … [Read more...]

Weed Control

The kind of weed treatments your lawn needs will depend on how aggresively the weeds have taken over your lawn and on what kind of weed infestation you have. Nutri-Lawn’s professionals will be able to advise you on the best treatment for your individual lawn. We’re dedicated to controlling weeds in ways that are safe for you and safe for the environment. Contact us today to learn how our services … [Read more...]