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Nutri-Lawn Kitchener was proud to be a sponsor of the 2011 Waterloo air show in August.



“Nutri-Lawn Kitchener employees Chris Chamczuk and Ron Binkle get ready to deliver over 700lbs of food to the Kitchener food bank.”

2010 re:nourish Food Drive Is On!

Once again Nutri-Lawn franchisees and staff members from across the country are participating in our annual food drive program. Collections of non-perishable food items go to help local food banks in the lead up to their busy Christmas demand.

If you would like to donate items please contact your local Nutri-Lawn office at 1-888-NutriLawn to arrange collection or locate a drop-off location.

The Nutri-Lawn / re:nourish food drive program began in Kitchener, Ontario on 2007. In 2008 it was rolled out as a national program with 8 locations participating and over 10,000lbs collected. In 2009, 12 locations took part collecting 15,809lbs. With the competition building amongst our locations this year our goal is to hit 20,000lbs or 9 tonnes of food.

Here are some pictures from our Kelowna location who were a close second last year and look to be up to challenge the top spot in 2010.

Nutri-Lawn 2009 Food Drive Now On!

Nutri-Lawn 2009 Food Drive Now On!

With our 2009 re;nourish Food Drive underway I thought I would share some of the fact from our 2008 efforts.

The Nutri-Lawn / re:nourish food drive program began in Kitchener, Ontario on 2007 when franchise owners Gary & Nancy Mulhall felt the calling to assist their local community food bank by collecting non-perishable food items. They contacted each customer the day before they were due to visit their property asking them to leave any item they wish to donate on their front door and the Nutri-Lawn representative would collect and deliver the items to the food bank.

Positive feedback from customers, staff and the food bank themselves in the Kitchener/Waterloo are soon lead to other franchise owners wanting to do their part in this very worth while cause.


Food Bank2007vs1


2008 saw eight locations participate with over 12,000 items or 10,000 lbs collected and over $1200 in donations from customers.

With the 2009 efforts now underway we hope to have another great year. If you are contacted by your local Nutri-Lawn please consider giving some non-perishable food to this very worthy cause.If you would like to donate and haven’t been contacted please contact your local team by clicking here>