6 Benefits of Composting in Spring Lawn Maintenance

The push toward eco-friendly lawn maintenance isn't just a passing fad. "Green" lawn care services help seriously reduce your impact on the environment, on local wildlife habitats, on water sources, and in some instances, on the amount of waste you produce. Composting is one such habit that is beginning to see a rise in use. If you're considering composting, you may be questioning how this practice can contribute to your Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services. Learn more about the benefits of … [Read more...]

Revitalizing Your Lawn for Spring With Burlington Landscape Services

Your lawn pays a pricey toll to the harsh winter weather. When the snow finally melts to reveal that first patch of grass, it may not be the emerald green you want it to be. For that reason, spring is the season for revitalizing Burlington landscape services. Just as you may want a deep soothing spa day following severe outdoor weather, your lawn wants the pedigree Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services to bring back the beauty you remember from last summer. Find out what you're working … [Read more...]

5 Must-Have Spring Landscape Maintenance Tips

Spring is almost here and your lawn's hibernation season is coming to a close. It's time to prepare spring landscape maintenance to help your lawn become the beautiful sea of green, blossoms, and foliage that it's set to morph into. There are some key techniques and Burlington landscape services to help your yard get ready for the upcoming melt, and successive heat. Nutri-Lawn Burlington can assist in carrying your lawn to perfection with these 5 must-have steps. 1. Spread the Snow This is … [Read more...]

Make the Most of Your Mulch

Make the Most of Your Mulch   We talk a lot about the benefits of mulch here at Nutri-Lawn, but what exactly is this all-important landscaping product and how can you use it to improve your approach to Burlington lawn maintenance? Whether you’re looking to enhance aesthetics or improve overall health, mulch can have a major impact on your lawn and garden.   Mulch Types It’s worth noting that there are a number of different kinds of “mulch” out there. Here at Nutri-Lawn, we … [Read more...]

How to Irrigate Difficult Areas of Your Lawn

How to Irrigate Difficult Areas of Your Lawn   Water conservation is always an important thing to consider when taking care of your lawn. Whether you’re trying to establish a new lawn, or looking to improve the health of a mature plot, water is a critical component of any lawn care regiment.   But that’s not to say you should just set your Burlington inground sprinkler system and forget it. Certain lawn conditions can be a bit difficult to handle in an efficient and effective … [Read more...]