Making the Most Out of Mulch

When most people think of mulch, they think of the chunky woodchips surrounding the base of a flowerbed. However, mulch comes in many forms and types. Each type of mulch comes with different benefits for your Burlington lawn maintenance. Nutri-Lawn Burlington understands the importance of knowing the facts before deciding if it's right for your lawn care. To learn from your Nutri-Lawn Burlington … [Read more...]

What is Overseeding and How Can it Help You This Spring?

Winter is tough on your lawn, but revitalizing your grass doesn't have to be. If you're finding dead patches on your lawn following the great melt, don't despair. Overseeding can fix the problem without a doubt. Not sure what overseeding is? That's okay. Nutri-Lawn Burlington is here to give you all the facts. Soon, you'll be head over heels for overseeding lawn maintenance services. Read on to … [Read more...]

Combat Compaction with Lawn Maintenance Services

Soil compaction is a sneaky enemy that can disrupt the effectiveness of your lawn maintenance services. The problem is, if you don't know what you're looking for, then soil compaction can be tough to recognize. Soil compaction is fairly simple to solve once you have detected it, however. Read on for tips from Nutri-Lawn Burlington to detect and combat compaction. What is soil … [Read more...]

Get Rid of Grubs With Spring Lawn Maintenance

Get Rid of Grubs With Spring Lawn Maintenance   No homeowner likes to deal with the pesky nuisance of grubs. Once the warm weather hits, it's time to sit out on the patio, enjoy the barbecue, and spend time with friends. However, this is the time when your lawn is vulnerable to the consequences of severe winter weather. Around spring is when it is most important to strengthen your lawn and … [Read more...]

6 Benefits of Composting in Spring Lawn Maintenance

The push toward eco-friendly lawn maintenance isn't just a passing fad. "Green" lawn care services help seriously reduce your impact on the environment, on local wildlife habitats, on water sources, and in some instances, on the amount of waste you produce. Composting is one such habit that is beginning to see a rise in use. If you're considering composting, you may be questioning how this … [Read more...]