Maintain a Healthy Lawn with Late Summer Lawn Care

Taking care of the health of your lawn doesn't end with summer. Fall and winter preparation with late summer lawn care is key to keeping strong, healthy grass. With a mixture of the right Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services and patient diligence at home, you can guarantee you'll have a sturdy lawn when winter hits. Read on for tips from Nutri-Lawn Burlington about how you can maintain a … [Read more...]

Manage Summer damage with Nutri-Lawn Burlington

It's bad enough that the dog days of summer are slowly coming to a close without having to deal with the August pests, too. With fall on its way and winter close behind, chinch bugs are looking for food while you're focusing on Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services. With the warmer summertime temperatures, chinch bugs are finding their way onto your yard. Thankfully, your Burlington lawn care … [Read more...]

Grass Varieties and their Benefits

What would you say if you found out that improving your Burlington lawn care program was as simple as choosing the right grass seed? Well, it's your lucky day! Your lawn can become much healthier simply by planting the appropriate grass seed. Each grass variety has different strengths that can cater specifically to your lawn's needs. When you combine the right grass seed with expert Nutri-Lawn … [Read more...]

Grappling with Grubs with Nutri-Lawn Burlington

Grubs are a major issue for homeowners in July. These little larvae are pros when it comes to destroying lawns. If you want to keep your grass intact this summer, it's time to consider beneficial nematodes in your Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services. Nematodes are easy enough to include in your Burlington lawn care, but it's critical that they're applied properly. Read on for tips from … [Read more...]

How to Win the Battle of Good vs. Bad Cutting Heights

You may not even realize you're in it, but there's a battle waging in your lawn over the right mowing height. Many homeowners don't see their lawns fighting with them over the proper amount to trim, and their lawns suffer because of it. End the war with your grass this summer with good Burlington lawn care habits. These habits come from understanding your lawn, and Nutri-Lawn Burlington is here to … [Read more...]