Nutri-Lawn 2009 Food Drive Now On!

Food Bank2007vs1

With our 2009 re;nourish Food Drive underway I thought I would share some of the fact from our 2008 efforts. The Nutri-Lawn / re:nourish food drive program began in Kitchener, Ontario on 2007 when franchise owners Gary & Nancy Mulhall felt the calling to assist their local community food bank by collecting non-perishable food items. They contacted each customer the day before they were due to visit their property asking them to leave any item they wish to donate on their front door and … [Read more...]

NPH Dominican Republic Summer Newsletter 2009

DR2009-2 052

Thanks to NPH DR home correspondent Megan Palacios' for her Summer Newsletter update. Summer 2009 Newsletter If you have trouble downloading News>Download>Look for June 22. 2009 posting. … [Read more...]

Update from Mark at the DR Orphanage

This week is a time to catch up and re-group. Freda, Joanne, Willy and Tena are here working with the girls in the sewing room at the school. Many have completed the pajama bottoms and are in the completion stages of a reversible wrap-around skirt. Some want to make some special bags next week. We hope to move two of the machines to the tias home so they can continue projects at any time with the girls, not just during school hours. There was a small group of ladies from Nova Scotia connected … [Read more...]

Our Soccer Field Lives On!


Well after nearly six months to establish itself our soccer field project is looking great! Jordan had Damon from the Roco Ki golf course do an inspection last week and as a result has offered to do some weed control, fertilizing and top dressing of the entire field! Thank you very much Damon! Damon had a plant pathologist from North Carolina with him during his visit and they took some soil samples and will do a nutrient analysis for Damon to work with. Below are some pics from Damon's … [Read more...]

Update from Team 3 – Week 2

This is the second and last newsletter from Team 3 at NPH in Dominican Republic. This week I am reporting on some different aspects of the Mission. Many pairs of donated and purchased glasses were brought down. Volunteers tested mostly people from the surrounding villages and then handed out glasses. Many of them had been unable to read due to declining sight and were just amazed and thankful for the gift of their sight back. Some of us had a visit to a nearby Hospital. Many of the areas … [Read more...]