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8/11/14 9:13 AM

It's bad enough that the dog days of summer are slowly coming to a close without having to deal with the August pests, too. With fall on its way and winter close behind, chinch bugs are looking for food while you're focusing on Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services. With the warmer summertime temperatures, chinch bugs are finding their way onto your yard. Thankfully, your Burlington lawn care can be easily adjusted to manage these little pests. Find out tips from Nutri-Lawn Burlington for ridding your lawn of these pests before autumn.

Identify the problem

Simply spotting one on the yard often identifies chinch bugs. If you don't see a chinch bug, but you are noticing dead patches on your lawn, use the old coffee canister trick. Cut off two ends of a coffee canister, and sink one end vertically an inch or two into the soil. Fill with warm soapy water. If you have a chinch bug problem, you will quickly see them rise to the surface of the water.

How to prevent chinch bugs with Burlington lawn care

Chinch bugs at least may be a little easier to manage with Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services. You can repel chinch bugs by keeping your lawn moist during the dry heat of August – chinch bugs love dry conditions. Also make sure to get rid of that thatch off your lawn. Chinch bugs live in the thatch layer during the summer. If you have a strong layer of thatch, you'll find you still have a problem next summer.

Finally, use a blend of grass varieties offered by Nutri-Lawn Burlington that will repel chinch bugs. This variety includes fescues and ryegrasses, which contain endophyte-enhanced properties to fight off chinch.

Eliminating the infestation with Burlington lawn care

For your chinch bug problem, call on your Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services. We have lawn rejuvenation services to help manage chinch bug damage and return your lawn to good health once and for all.

Don't make your lawn wait. Receive a complimentary quote from Nutri-Lawn Burlington today to properly prepare your lawn for autumn.

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