Weed of the Week – Moss

Moss is a common problem in lawns that have areas with unfavourable growing conditions for the grass.  Poor soil drainage, acidic soil conditions, dense shade, and compacted soils all contribute to the unfavourable conditions that encourage growth and development of moss.  To help eliminate moss, a combination of cultural practices and control products are required to control and prevent moss from coming back.  Typically speaking, coastal regions commonly have moss problems in lawns and require … [Read more...]

Weed of the Week – Dandelion


Welcome to the first installment of “The Grass Expert - Weekly Weed of the Week”.  Over the course of the season each week I will select a common weed that can be found in most regions and a detail of the description and characteristics will be outlined along with recommended control techniques and helpful solutions for its control. For this week we will start with everyones favorite…..the DANDELION. … [Read more...]

Hello Avid Lawn Care Enthusiasts!

Spring is officially in full swing across. the country and Nutrilawn franchises are servicing lawns coast to coast. Specializing in ecology friendly organic. lawn programs and services the staff at Nutri-Lawn have the local knowledge and expertise to help you choose what’s best for you and your lawn. Make sure to try our Fiesta weed control that is all natural and is made with iron which occurs in nature. It is extremely effective and works very quickly within 48 hours! … [Read more...]

Dandelions in March??

Wow, dandelions in March in Ontario, must be a record!   ( pic)   … [Read more...]


Never heard of a nematode? Nematodes are more commonly known as round worms and exist in both harmful and beneficial varieties. The different species range in size from microscopic to as long as 5 centimetres. If you’re having lawn discolouration issues, nematodes could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Learn more about these unique lawn worms with Nutri-Lawn Ottawa . … [Read more...]