Inside every company there is the heart and soul of the people who make its brand so valuable. At Nutrilawn we say “We Nourish Lawns and Lives.” That is why we have created our most meaningful idea. We call it re:nourish. re:nourish is our program to nurture the communities around us – both near and far – by giving back to them their greenery. Every part of our organization, the employees of our corporate office and our franchisees, are committing themselves through various projects to making … [Read more...]


In February 2013, Nurtilawns CEO is leading a group of 10 Dads & 14 children on a return trip to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, which in English means "Our Little Brothers and Sisters". Nutrilawn has supported the Orphanage and has built soccer fields, gardens, irrigation systems and local village improvements as part of the Nutrilawn Renourish program.   Further trip and donation information can be found at … [Read more...]

Inspiration to “Nourish Lives”

Inspiration to "Nourish Lives" We all know individuals and families in our communities who have encountered and faced difficult circumstances….and have over come adversity to give inspiration to everyone they encounter. They "nourish" lives. Cindy Desjardin is from Holland Landing, Ontario a small town north of Toronto. Last year she developed "flesh eating disease" masked by symptoms that she and her doctors thought were originally a bad flu. As detailed in her blog below, she is lucky to … [Read more...]

Dominican re:nourish mission 2011 – Day 5

Today saw the completion of the batey Vasca community garden, including the installation of the living fence with 40 mandira (sp?) plants as well as our BBQ extravaganza. As it was a long tiring day I am going to update with the videos we shot and will write more again tomorrow. Here is Ryan's update purchasing the food for the BBQ: Here is Peter's update on the batey Vasca community garden: Here is Jordan explaining where we got our BBQ from: … [Read more...]

Dominican re:nourish mission 2011 – Day 4

Day 4 Today’s task was to lay the sod outside the long term volunteer house, fortunately as it was Saturday and no school for the children we had plenty of eager help. The sod has improved since the first year when we installed the soccer field however most of it still comes in pieces rather than rolls. It was also very hot today! Jordan and Peter had a very long day getting supplies for the fence installation, planting of 30 fruit trees and the BBQ tomorrow. The other day I mentioned … [Read more...]