Learn to Love Mulch with Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

What do you know about mulch? Mulch is commonly used in Ottawa lawn care, but what good does it really do? You may not realize this, but the benefits of mulch are myriad, and span far beyond the aesthetic appeal. However, that all depends on the type of mulch you're using. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa promotes organic mulch, which will increase the health of your lawns and gardens. Organic mulch will … [Read more...]

The Ins and Outs of Dethatching

With the upcoming autumn, there are a couple things you need to take care of in order to prepare your lawn for the cold season. Removing thatch is one of these jobs, and it's an important one. Thatch can be a challenging aspect of your yard that can, though it may appear harmless, dramatically affect your lawn in the coming months. Consider dethatching. But is dethatching always the best option … [Read more...]

500 pounds of food

500 pounds of food

A 2 month food drive for the Barrie food bank with 500 pounds of food was collected. We want to thank our customers for their generous contributions. This food will really go a long way and help many people! … [Read more...]

Prevent Chinch Bugs with Nutri-Lawn Vancouver

As the late summer hits, chinch bugs are making their appearance to say a final hurrah before they're forced out of sight. Chinch bugs can be tough to get rid out without nasty pesticides, but there is a lot you can do with your Vancouver lawn care to prevent the problem from arising. Nutri-Lawn Vancouver wants to help you protect your lawn from the severe damage caused by chinch bugs. Read on for … [Read more...]

Feed Your Lawn for Fall with Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

Fall is coming and it's time to give your lawn some food. Just as bears need lots of food to remain healthy and strong throughout the winter, so too does your lawn. Late summer fertilization is key if you want to give your lawn the tools to survive the barren winter weather. But how can you get a late summer fertilizer that provides for your lawn while complementing your Ottawa lawn care … [Read more...]