Nematodes + Nutri-Lawn = Goodbye Grubs!

Let Nutri-Lawn apply nematodes to your lawn and you can kiss grubs goodbye! Grubs can cause expensive damage to your lawn. Eggs laid in the summer by beetles hatch in late summer, turn into grubs and can destroy your turf thereby reducing your home’s value. Protect your lush lawn with environmentally friendly nematodes. These microscopic roundworms seek out grubs as their hosts and then destroy … [Read more...]

Getting a Handle on Hairy Chinch Bugs

Getting a Handle on Hairy Chinch Bugs Ottawa business owners have enough to worry about without adding lawn pests to the list. Unfortunately, Ottawa often falls prey to an awful infestation of hairy chinch bugs during the summer months, and commercial properties aren't exempt from the attack. Protect your lawn from these vicious little bugs early with pesticide treatments from the lawn care and … [Read more...]

Techniques to Tackle Common Lawn Diseases

Techniques to Tackle Common Lawn Diseases Common lawn diseases are difficult to diagnose. In most cases, the only sign of distress is when the grass is already dead. If your lawn is already exhibiting patches of dead or yellowing grass, don't despair. The expert lawn care and inground sprinkler system installers at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can help you tackle these problematic patches and prevent the … [Read more...]

What is the Ontario Pesticide Ban?

What is the Ontario Pesticide Ban? Did you know that Ontario effectively banned the use of lawn and garden pesticides back in April of 2009? This ban, which included more than 250 popular pesticide treatments, has greatly limited the way Ottawa lawn care companies can treat and protect lawns against harmful pests and persistent weed growth. Luckily, the talented lawn care crew at Nutri-Lawn … [Read more...]

July 2011 – Nutri-Lawn Summer Meetings

July 2011 – Nutri-Lawn Summer Meetings

Halifax, NS was host to the Nutri-Lawn Summer Meetings. More than 20 Nutri-Lawn Owners/Operators and their families enjoyed meeting at the historical Citadel Hill, a classic East Coast Lobster Dinner, a ride on the Harbour Hopper and Kieth's Brewery Tour. … [Read more...]