April 12 | Nova Scotia Business Journal

Nutri-Lawn Nova Scotia was featured in the April edition of the Nova Scotia Business Journal. Click here to view the article. … [Read more...]

April 2012 – Joe Tanner

It's with great pleasure that we share the story, the stats and the success of a great individual, making an extraordinary contribution to an award winning team. Nutri-Lawn Halifax's Joe Tanner was presented with two exceptional performance milestones. In 2011, Joe Tanner reached an all new personal best by exceeding $400k in sales and since 2004, Joe Tanner has been able to surpass $1 million dollars in BOTH sales and production. Two separate achievements, usually reserved for two separate … [Read more...]

How to Start a Lawn | Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

How to Start a Lawn There are many reasons why an Ottawa homeowner might need to try and reestablish their lawn. Furthermore, there are dozens of different ways to go about starting your new turf. From seeding to sodding, the Ottawa lawn service experts at Nutri-Lawn know all the ins and outs of starting a new lawn. The following is a crash course for planting a lawn that will last a lifetime. Step 1 – Assess the Site The first step to establishing a strong and healthy lawn is performing a … [Read more...]

How to Handle Fungus | Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

How to Handle Fungus Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of different kinds of lawn fungi naturally living in your turf? While most of these are recognized as beneficial organism-digesting organic entities, nearly 10,000 are classified as disease causing. If your lawn has become overrun with toadstools, don't wait to act. Contact a Nutri-Lawn Ottawa lawn service technician to review the situation immediately. What Causes Fungal Growth? As with most fungi, mushrooms are sensitive to … [Read more...]

Watch Out for Lawn Rust | Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

Watch Out for Lawn Rust Want an excellent litmus (pH) test for how your lawn is growing? See if the grass has gone rusty. If it has, you're in for some trouble! Sounds like it's time to contact Nutri-Lawn and book an emergency Ottawa turf maintenance session! What are the Signs of Rust? Rust is usually visible on the edge of grass blades where it forms a brownish fungus. It doesn't necessarily do any harm, although it does tend to rub off onto clothing and footwear – which isn't good if you … [Read more...]