Designing For Drought – Tips and Tricks for a Lush Lawn | Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

Designing for Drought – Tips and Tricks for a Lush Lawn Have the dog days of summer left your lawn looking worse for wear? Hot, humid Ottawa summers can wreak havoc on even the most well maintained properties, especially those with non-native landscaping elements. If you're tired of the devastation that drought causes to your lawn, now is the perfect time to reinvigorate your landscaping and … [Read more...]

Everything You Need To Know About Ottawa Lawn Seed | Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

Everything You Need to Know About Ottawa Lawn Seed What kind of grass is growing in your yard? It's a simple question, but just how many people really know the answer? From turf grasses to fescues, seed blends to low maintenance options, there are literally dozens of different lawn seed varieties. The trick is knowing which type will flourish in your Ottawa lawn. From the city to the valley, … [Read more...]

Water-Saving Tips For Your Ottawa Lawn and Garden

Water-Saving Tips For Your Ottawa Lawn and Garden Did you know that in the summer months municipal water use doubles here in Ottawa? From swimming pools and car washes, to lawn and garden maintenance, August is a wet and wild month in the city. Unfortunately, this increased demand for water places stress on municipal water systems and increases costs for tax payers and water users. In fact, it … [Read more...]

Nematodes + Nutri-Lawn = Goodbye Grubs!

Let Nutri-Lawn apply nematodes to your lawn and you can kiss grubs goodbye! Grubs can cause expensive damage to your lawn. Eggs laid in the summer by beetles hatch in late summer, turn into grubs and can destroy your turf thereby reducing your home’s value. Protect your lush lawn with environmentally friendly nematodes. These microscopic roundworms seek out grubs as their hosts and then destroy … [Read more...]

Getting a Handle on Hairy Chinch Bugs

Getting a Handle on Hairy Chinch Bugs Ottawa business owners have enough to worry about without adding lawn pests to the list. Unfortunately, Ottawa often falls prey to an awful infestation of hairy chinch bugs during the summer months, and commercial properties aren't exempt from the attack. Protect your lawn from these vicious little bugs early with pesticide treatments from the lawn care and … [Read more...]