Time to take advantage – Lawn & Landscape

Time to take advantage - Lawn & Landscape … [Read more...]

Keep Your Trees Evergreen with Nutri-Lawn Vancouver

With the winter coming and the onslaught of wind chills, you'll need to protect your trees to make sure that your landscaping stays green throughout the freezing weather. The last thing you want is a completely dry, barren lawn when April arrives. While you can't stop the grass or most of your flowers from going brown and dormant, you can keep your evergreens verdantly lively. Caring for … [Read more...]

How to Prepare Your Flowers for Winter

Preparing for winter doesn't only involve lawn care and sprinkler preparations. If you want your yard to look gorgeous in the spring, you'll also need to prepare your flowerbeds for the coming winter weather. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa landscape services will help you cultivate your flowerbeds in order to protect them throughout the cold season. Though not all of your flowers will survive to see winter, … [Read more...]

Clean Up Your Ottawa Lawn with Dethatching

Preparing your yard for fall and winter can be one of the most important Ottawa lawn care routines you do. There's no better way to have a healthy, luscious yard in spring than to begin with a lively foundation in autumn. The cold season is coming on quickly, so it's best to be as prepared as possible with your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa lawn care. If you haven't already, it's time to … [Read more...]

Your Winterization Checklist with Nutri-Lawn Burlington

Winter is coming despite your best efforts to prolong summer just a teensy bit more. After a not-so-hot summer, it's no surprise that the chillier temperatures are coming on quick and steady. As the thermometer prepares to drop below 0, it's time for you to also prepare your lawn for the same. That's right folks – winter preparation for your Burlington lawn care has arrived. Don't be alarmed. … [Read more...]