Grumbling About Grubs? Get Rid of Them with Proper Lawn Care

Don’t get too comfortable with the warm weather nearing – spring lawn care is back in action and there are little pests attacking your lawn. If you’re grumbling about grubs ruining your relaxing days on the deck, you’ll be happy to know that Nutri-Lawn Ottawa has a few simple solutions. First, it’s important to know your foe. From there, you can decide on the best path to recovering your lawn. There are home DIY as well as professional lawn care services to get your yard back to its emerald splendour. Read on to find out how to combat grubs with lawn care services this summer.

What are grubs?
Grubs are actually the larvae of European chafers, Japanese beetles, Leather jackets, and June beetles. Despite the fact that they are the immature form of adult beetles, they cause an indisputable amount of ruckus to a typically healthy lawn. You’ll recognize them by their C-shaped, curved bodies, white or yellowish skin colour, and heads that are either tan or brown. They have six legs, that are, like most other bugs, quite spiny.

When is the damage done?
Grubs are particularly destructive in their growth and maturing period. At this time, their growing bodies need nourishment, and your lawn is the perfect supermarket. Depending on the type of grub you have in your lawn, this maturation period could take up to three years for a June beetle or one year for a European chafer. During this time, all of your attempts at lawn care services will be wasted on grub infestations.

Depending on the maturity of your grubs, lawn care damage is done at different times throughout the year. However, because most grub infestations aren’t perfectly timed so that every grub in your lawn is going through the exact same maturity period at the exact same time, damage can be done any time throughout April to October when the grubs are active and hungry. European chafer grubs can even be active as early as March or as late as November.

How can lawn care services help?
When you adjust your lawn care services accordingly, grubs will cease to be an issue. Now that pesticides are banned in Ontario, you’ll have to find other options to get rid of those grubs. At Nutri-Lawn Ottawa, we recommend beneficial nematodes.

Beneficial nematodes are small predators that will track and attack grubs, without harming your lawn. These little insects are only interested in grubs, however, so you don’t have to worry about harm to your children, pets, or yourself. These are an entirely environmentally friendly, natural method of lawn care.

Before you get your nematode application, Nutri-Lawn Ottawa recommends getting core aeration to create pathways for your nematodes to get deeper in the soil. Furthermore, you’ll want to keep your soil well hydrated during this time to ensure the survival of the nematodes.

Unfortunately, nematode application usually does not occur until August or September, when grubs are at their most vulnerable.

Lawn care for a grub-infested lawn
Until it’s time for your nematode application, you want to prevent more grubs from being born. Vacuum up or kill adult June beetles, European chafers, or Leather jackets as you see them. The more of these you have in your lawn, the more grubs will hatch.

Incorporate an adequate irrigation schedule into your lawn care practices. Your lawn only requires about 1-2 inches of water per week. These one to two inches should be offered in deep, long watering to guarantee the roots of your grass reach further into the soil. In doing so, your lawn’s roots will grow deeper, and therefore stronger. This is one of the more important tips from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa to increase the health of your lawn throughout a grub infestation.

If you’re not sure about how else you can adapt your lawn care services to benefit your lawn, contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa today. We offer complimentary quotes to help you plan your 2014 lawn care services program around your personal needs.

Revitalizing Your Lawn for Spring With Burlington Landscape Services

Your lawn pays a pricey toll to the harsh winter weather. When the snow finally melts to reveal that first patch of grass, it may not be the emerald green you want it to be. For that reason, spring is the season for revitalizing Burlington landscape services. Just as you may want a deep soothing spa day following severe outdoor weather, your lawn wants the pedigree Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services to bring back the beauty you remember from last summer.

Find out what you’re working with
The reality is that the type of soil your lawn has can determine the health of your lawn. If your lawn is made entirely of clay, your irrigation system is going to have a harder time getting water to your roots. Contrarily, if it’s all silt, your roots won’t be able to grab on. It’s time to test your soil to figure out what you’re working with, so you can adjust your landscape services accordingly.

A simple solution recommended by Nutri-Lawn Burlington is to lay down a layer of nutrient rich topsoil. Topdressing your yard will bring back the nutrients needed, and provide a healthy ground in which your grass can retain the moisture provided by your irrigation.

Fertilize with the proper level of pH
Maintaining a balanced pH in your soil is another essential step for regaining a healthy lawn. If you don’t already, include pH testing into your annual lawn care services.

Once you’ve discovered the pH levels of your soil, a Nutri-Lawn Burlington specialist can help you determine if you’re using the right fertilizer in your Burlington landscape services. You can also figure out if the type of grass you’ve put down is the right kind for your soil. It could be that your grass is having a difficult time surviving because it requires different levels of pH than what your soil has been providing. If this is the case, then it may be time for lawn renovations. Renovations are best taken care of before the extreme hot season hits.

Replace the old with the new
Is your tired old grass starting to look patchy and exhausted? It may be time to overseed. Overseeding is the process of adding new, fresh seed to patchy areas of your lawn. It brings back that thick, plush look that is so beautiful in a spring yard.

Beyond aesthetics, overseeding does a great job at helping your lawn protect against weeds. The renewed strength brought on by adding more grass seed fortifies against weeds that threaten to choke out weak roots. This strength also contributes to fending off lawn diseases, grub damage, and heat damage.

Reduce compaction caused by winter detritus
Compacted lawns have a harder time enjoying the nourishment of water and fertilizer. Reduce compaction by adding core aeration to your lawn care regimen. Core aeration punctures holes into your soil to relieve the pressure of a compacted lawn, and to offer tunnels through which nutrients can travel. The water then goes deeper into the soil, encouraging your roots to take a deeper, sturdier hold in the soil.

Nutri-Lawn Burlington also recommends dethatching to remove the thatch build up on your lawn’s surface. Thatch is the deposit of detritus that is tangled in your grass, and hinders water and fertilizer from reaching your grass roots. Removing this once or twice a year is a great way to ensure your Burlington landscape services aren’t falling on unresponsive grass.

Don’t hesitate to begin the revival of your lawn. Contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington today for a complimentary quote on our lawn care services.

Coping with the Big Defrost: Spring Lawn Maintenance in Ottawa

With the enjoyable advantages of spring and summer comes the added work of spring lawn maintenance in Ottawa. Lawn drainage is a big dilemma that many homeowners will be faced with as the temperature continues to slowly rise. However, dealing with the Big Defrost and the accompanying drainage problems doesn’t have to be difficult.

If you’re having major drainage issues, you may have to rework your lawn a bit, or change your Ottawa lawn maintenance methods. Remember that prevention methods are always worth it when it comes to avoiding the heady costs and extensive amounts of time that goes into fixing a ruined yard or basement. Read on for tips from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa that will help you keep your yard and house from becoming swamps.

Don’t Let the Snow Gather
As fun as parties may be, the last thing you want is for the snow to gather in your yard for a little end of winter farewell shindig. When your snow gathers in one area of your yard, the soil in that area will struggle to soak up all of the excess water as the snow melts. When the snow does eventually melt, you’ll find those patches ruined while the rest of your yard is ready for spring. Spread the snow around to prevent this.

If your yard becomes patchy anyway, you can overseed to bring life back to your yard. Overseeding is a common lawn maintenance technique that involves introducing grass seed to the patchy areas to balance out the thickness of your lawn. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa has a successful overseeding program to turn your lawn into a sea of plush green grass.

Level Your Lawn
If you’re having issues with water dripping into your basement when the snow melts each spring, you probably need to work re-levelling into your lawn care preparation. Lawns that are horizontally balanced or that slightly slope back toward the house are more likely to encourage leakage into the basement.

Check your lawn’s levelling. If your lawn has one of the two levelling issues mentioned above, then it’s time to rework the slope of your lawn so it goes toward the road. A downward slope will carry the melt down to the road, successfully preventing water from draining into your home. While some homeowners are dissuaded from doing this because of the work it takes, re-levelling your lawn is considerably less work than dealing with leakage and is a highly successful method of improving drainage.

Dig a Trench
Lawns that have especially tough drainage issues may need a trench to help direct water off of your lawn onto the street. French drains and downspout drains are common types for residential Ottawa lawn maintenance.

As the rainy season picks up, you may also want to consider rain harvesting. Though it doesn’t help with the big melt at surface level, this is a particularly handy tool in spring lawn maintenance in Ottawa during the rainy season. The water you collect in rain barrels can then be used for your gardens. Rain harvesting has the added benefit of being an effective form of water conservation to save you money and to protect water sources, as well as keeping a water supply on hand in case of drought.

Include Basins in Your Ottawa Lawn Maintenance
It’s not enough to maintain your lawn alone. At Nutri-Lawn Ottawa, we recommend maintaining your surrounding basins, troughs, trenches, and drains. As spring hits, clear out debris from your troughs, any drainage trenches, and the catch basins on the street in front of your house, if you have any. This is a good habit to work into your spring lawn care and maintenance practices to ensure your drainage is effective.

Don’t wait to start on your spring lawn maintenance in Ottawa for 2014. Contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa today to begin preparing your lawn for a successful spring and summer.

5 Must-Have Spring Landscape Maintenance Tips

Spring is almost here and your lawn’s hibernation season is coming to a close. It’s time to prepare spring landscape maintenance to help your lawn become the beautiful sea of green, blossoms, and foliage that it’s set to morph into. There are some key techniques and Burlington landscape services to help your yard get ready for the upcoming melt, and successive heat. Nutri-Lawn Burlington can assist in carrying your lawn to perfection with these 5 must-have steps.

1. Spread the Snow
This is one of the simplest spring landscape maintenance tips, but also one of the most useful. After a long snowy winter, it’s normal for piles of snow to build up around a lawn from the constant shovelling and ploughing of roadways. However, snow piled up around your yard can have a truly damaging effect. Mounds of snow concentrated into a single area will have the consequence of ruining the grass beneath.

Spread the snow around to avoid grass destruction, and to help drainage. This will also prevent mould and diseases from spawning on your lawn, which thrive in patches where there is too much water to soak into the soil.

2. Overseed your Lawn
Even after spreading the snow, you may still find patchy areas in your grass where the hard winter has torn at the health of grass roots. In this case, it’s time to add overseeding to your Nutri-Lawn landscape services.

Overseeding is the process of planting new grass seed on your lawn, to bring back that plush, healthy blanket of emerald. Nutri-Lawn Burlington can help you overseed your lawn to take away the hassle of spring landscape maintenance.

3. Core Aeration with Nutri-Lawn Burlington
Core aeration is a practice that should be worked into your annual Burlington landscape services. It punches holes into your lawn in order to reduce compaction in your soil, which appears after months of foot traffic across the yard. It is one of the simplest Nutri-Lawn landscape services, but one with myriad lasting benefits.

Core aeration opens up routes for your irrigation to reach the grass roots more effectively. This will inspire deeper roots to grow as they reach further down to collect the water, therefore creating stronger grass. Aeration is one of the Nutri-Lawn landscape services that protects against droughts in the summer, as more of your water is lapped up by the soil, rather than evaporating beneath a scorching sun.

4. Be Careful with Fertilization
Generally, fertilization is best done in the fall, rather than the spring. However, if you forgot your fall fertilization, or if you want to give a little more of a dose to your yard, you may apply spring fertilizer. It’s best to go easy on this, though, as too much fertilizer will suffocate the roots of your grass with an excessive amount of surface growth.

It’s important to do some research into fertilizers to find out which one is best for your lawn. Nutri-Lawn Burlington offers a variety of fertilizers for any homeowner’s specifics.

5. Polish up the Mower
One of the most important lawn care services is lawn mowing. A bad mow-job can have even worse effects than you may imagine. Dull blades will tear and chop at your grass blades, and a mowing height that is too short or too high will prevent strong roots from growing.

Sharpen your mower’s blade to get the best trim. Also, adjust the height of your mower blades to ensure that you are never cutting off more or less than 1/3 of your grass blade’s height. Doing this will help your grass conserve resources by protecting surface water from the glare of the sun, while cutting your grass too short could dehydrate your lawn.

Get your Nutri-Lawn lawn care services lined up for 2014 today with a free quote from Nutri-Lawn Burlington. You’ll be glad you did!

Nutri-Lawn Proudly Sponsors The First Annual Law & Order Winter Classic

Team Lawn and Team Order

Team Law (RCMP) and Team Order (Lawyers)

Team Order (St. John’s lawyers) narrowly edged Team Law (RCMP officers) 11-10 in the first annual Law and Order Winter Classic, but the kids were the day’s big winners.  The two squads came together in support of Reason for the Rink, a project started by local dad Todd Churchill with the goal of raising money for charities that assist and improve the lives of children, like his son Carter, who live with physical disabilities: Easter Seals NL, Rainbow Riders and Mazol Shriners.



Todd constructed an outdoor hockey rink in his backyard to build support and awareness for the charities — each has an in-ice logo — but it isn’t your typical backyard rink.  The rink measures 95′ x 46′ and companies can buy promotional space on its boards for ads or a logo. Head over to Reason for the Rink  for more information about the project and a schedule of upcoming games.

As part of a commitment to nourish the lives of those in the community, Nutri-Lawn was proud to sponsor and be a part of the Law and Order Winter Classic.  Congratulations to the great teams, Reason for the Rink and everyone who had a hand in making the game a success!

Nutri-Lawn Cup

The Nutri-Lawn Cup




Nutri-Lawn Pays Tribute to Major Danny McLeod

Rob Baxby, Nutri-Lawn Kingston, pays tribute to a friend and a customer – - Major Danny McLeod – - a Canadian hero who inspired many through his military and sports accomplishments and leadership.

Danny McLeod died January 14th, 2014 at the age of 92. Mr. McLeod was a Nutri-Lawn customer for over 15 years. “He was, in my estimation, one of a kind.” He will be sorely missed at Nutri-Lawn Kingston, where he was a client and friend since we opened in 1997.

At the funeral, while delivering the eulogy, Ted Nurse told the crowd how much “the Major” loved his lawn in his retirement years. We will miss him very much at Nutri-Lawn Southeastern Ontario. If you would like to read more about Maj. Danny McLeod, he has a book out: “Always a Leader” by Ted Nurse.

Major (Retired) William John "Danny" McLeod

Major (Retired) William John “Danny” McLeod

Ben Filek was recognized for passing $1,000,000

Ben Filek was recognized for passing $1,000,000

Nutri-Lawn NS Customer Service Representative (CSR) Ben Filek was recognized for passing $1,000,000 in production over his career, at our Christmas party.

Ben has been with Nutri-Lawn since 2007 and is the CSR for the Halifax area.

Joe Tanner was recognized for passing $2,000,000

Joe Tanner was recognized for passing $2,000,000

Nutri-Lawn NS Senior Specialist Joe Tanner was recognized for passing $2,000,000 in sales over his career, at our Christmas party.

Joe has been with Nutri-Lawn since 2004 and is responsible for sales and customer experience for the Metro-Halifax area.

Drew Bugden was recognized with the “Outstanding Customer Service Award”

Drew Bugden was recognized with the “Outstanding Customer Service Award”

Nutri-Lawn NS Customer Service Representative (CSR) Drew Bugden was recognized with the “Outstanding Customer Service Award”, at our Christmas party.

Drew received the highest customer service rating and overwhelming positive feedback from his customers.

Drew has been with Nutri-Lawn since 2006 and is the CSR for Dartmouth North.

Nutri-Lawn Nova Scotia received 3 awards at the 2013 Annual Meeting in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

Nutri-Lawn Nova Scotia received 3 awards at the 2013 Annual Meeting in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

Nutri-Lawn Nova Scotia received 3 awards at the 2013 Annual Meeting in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

  • Brand Award
  • Gold Sales Award
  • $2.2 Million Achievement

Thank-you to all our loyal customers and dedicated staff that make this success possible.